Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kaos needs a home!

We want to write about a wonderful friend of ours named Kaos! Kaos is a 1 and 1/2 year old mutt that used to live with her homeless owner, Benedict, on the streets of NYC. When Benedict decided to move to Miami, our friend Jenna paid for all Kaos' shots and health certificate so she could fly down with him. Sadly, Kaos was left behind at a shelter in Miami and we don't know what happened to Benedict. Nobody has been able to find him.

So Jenna found Kaos a foster home in Florida and prevented her from being put to sleep. Then she thought we found a forever home for her with Ami in Pennsylvania. We found out Kaos does get along great with other dogs as you can see by this picture to the right. Dakota and Kaos became fast buddies after one little snarlfest when they met. Unfortunately, Kaos chases cats because she wants to play with them and a child in the home was afraid of her. So once again, she has to find a new home. Kaos is safe in a boarding shelter right now that is costing $13.50 a day.
If you want to help donate money towards her boarding, go to this paypal link:

You can read all about Kaos' adventures up to this point at this link:
Let's find Kaos a new forever home!!! Isn't the girl worth it?? Look at the smile on her face!


Anonymous said...

Who's the white Shiba?
Mine, Pikey, looks just like that!
(LJ shiba member michimusic)

Scout & Max said...

It's Dakota! The dog that Kaos was living with until she had to move to the shelter. They got along famously after an early scuffle.