Friday, June 1, 2007

How to have fun with friends....

Last year, we had friends come stay with us... another shiba inu and a mutt! I thought of them because Yogi, the shiba inu, looked a little like the coyote pic, agree some? Could just be my fear talking..he was an intimidating dude at first.

Yogi didn't like our dad very much, he hid in his mom, Anne's guest room and snapped at dad if he tried to be friends. His mom and our mom went to a Tellington touch seminar to learn how to give us the awesome massages we deserve so much. Sadly, Yogi's sister passed away last year multiple multicentric malignant lymphoma- simply cancer of the
lymph nodes. Yogi's mom did everything to try to save her. JC was a cool buddy and played with us. She was a fun and loving girlfriend to have. We don't know where we'll find another one for a while... Here's JC's picture and we hope Yogi is doing okay now, not getting stuck anymore under the shed...

Post note: his mom said there are also different treatments for cancer- JC went throught the Wisconsin Protocol (that was developed by the University of Wisconsin/Madison). What it does is rotate 4 chemo drugs over a 22 week period. It usually lasts 6 months. IF the dog is in remission
at that time- then chemo stops. Each successive remission is only half the length of the original one. That being said- cancer moms and dads need to know that for all the medical expertise out there- vets still don't know everything- the stats they give are just stats. There are dogs who are still around 1 yr, 2 yr and more after the diagnosis.

A good place to start is Cafepress ( ) sells calendars. One of them is a canine cancer one. JC appears in it- November and December. There is also a yahoo group called caninecancer which gives lots of good information and hope. Massage your dog and pet them everyday. This is how Yogi's mom found JC's cancer through massaging and finding the enlarged lymph nodes. Let's save other dogs out there~

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