Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Max goes shopping!

Hi, it's me Max. I wanted you all to know I'm good at finding my mom anywhere... Daddy hurt his fingers so he asked Mom to drive him to Lowe's tonight. We went along for the ride. Mom got tired of waiting for him to come out so she left me and Scout in the car and I guess she thought she rolled all the windows up (leaving them open a little to let air in of course). Nope, I jumped out that open window and ran to the Exit doors where she had entered. I waited for someone to come out so they would open back up and then I ran on past the cashiers and through the whole store looking for my Mom. I had a few people trying to chase me but I found Mom in the garden section and was I ever happy to see her! She was surprised...but why should she be? I did the same thing at Farmer Jack's grocery store. I found her in the produce section and the window had been left half open. Where there's a will, there's a way! Nope, Scout never tried - I think he's too chunky!

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Faya said...

Hello friends,
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Kisses, Faya