Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shiba, the Drain Commissioner

My dog thinks he's a drain commissioner....

He helps participate in soil erosion damage by digging furiously when sump pumps kick on during rainy periods.... Nothing excites Scout more than when his digging compels pumps to come on gushing a river of water for his reward. Scout must think in his head that he is turning them on and off through his psychic powers... He monitors and approves drainage in new developments, subdivisions and drainage ditches in times of heavy rainfall. Maybe someday I'll capture Scout on video doing his rounds if he hasn't caused me to lose my camera chasing him to the pots of gold.

It's highly possible he wants to join Sable, a nearby German Shepherd who is the only dog known to detect illicit and failing septic connections that flow from homes into rivers and streams. Sable wears a fluorescent green vest when he's working, identifying him as a "Sewage Sniffing K-9," as part of the company Tetra Tech's "Illicit Discharge Detection Unit."

Owners should be aware that drainage water often is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other bacteria so be sure and make your human keep you up to date on your heartworm & vaccinations.

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