Thursday, December 25, 2008

Scout's Xmas Newsletter 2008

Hi folks from Scout, the king-sized Shiba Inu,

Another year for me to tell you about the troubles my folks get into because they don't listen to me and seek my incredible wisdom. Mom and Dad went on only one trip this year in order to save money and spend more time with Max and me. And that was to a wonderful place called Bonaire which is a small island located next to Aruba and very close to South America. It is a flat island with cacti, below-ground caves, bluffs, mangroves and salt fields in the south. Bonaire is renowned for its dive spots with more shore diving than any other caribbean island. This is why Uncle Ken and Aunt Trish own a place on it. If y'all are interested in a little house on the bay on this beautiful remote island, let mom know coz she's got the connections.

For their troubles, Dad got urchin stingers in his foot and mom got cactus spines in hers. They hobbled around the island trying to enjoy themselves. They tried to learn to dive for real and this ended with mom sinking to the bottom repeatedly because her weights were too heavy and dad rising over and over to surface because his were too light. They saw many potcake dogs, donkeys, flamingos and iguanas but couldn't bring them home for me to scare and boss around due to customs law. The little house on the bay was near some "European style" beach that dad kept wanting to go to but mom put an end to that.

Regarding my living quarters, Dad got the foyer bathroom done and boy is it beautiful… Crown molding up near the ceiling (and not on my head – why is that?), pale yellow walls and score, another toilet with nice cold water to drink out of if I get lucky. Dad also got me some slightly-used leather couches for the big living room. Max, the lazy beast, perches on top of them basting in the sun coming through the windows. I pop up my head only when I hear cars coming down the driveway. And….we got a wonderful new furnace which heats the house much better which I value greatly when I get shaved twice a year. This is due to my "horrible" fur adorning every surface. I think they should be happy with the gift I am trying to grace them with- a shiba rug!

Health-wise for the humans, mom had one surgery that went well over the summer and I am glad to report she is feeling much better. Due to Michigan's poor economy, Dad had to take a job in Toronto during the week and only comes home on weekends. Because mom has a pretty good job and since the house is in the midst of remodeling/cannot be sold, relocation to Canada isn't possible. Hopefully, things will improve and dad will be back working in the Detroit area again. Grandpa tells mom that Detroit's economy has always been up and down like this and it will get better down the potholed roads. The shiba inu puppycam fad (featured in Time magazine, Good Morning America, and other media outlets) this fall made me a VERY popular dog and everybody wants to know more about me. So why wouldn't someone want to buy a celebrity dog's house? Well, that's okay - it gives me more time to enjoy the deer, coyotes, foxes and rabbits that roam our yard. Better than Animal Planet channel any day! However, I am still mad at that pool that sits in the yard. I plunged it in its malevolent jaws twice this summer ruining my magnificent coat and swallowing the horrid water.

Max wasn't so fortunate with his health this year. My buddy's getting to be an old man at almost 9 years old. He likes to chew on rawhides and steak bones for hours. He broke a tooth in half to clear below the jaw line. No one noticed until the chews and toys started getting a funny red color to them. No sooner than that was operated on, his bursitis started bothering him. It's one front leg and they now believe he keeps re-injuring an old shoulder injury every time he jumps off of high furniture to chase me around the house. He still doesn't get the fact that I'm the boss and I let him go on being delusional. With dad gone, he has also taken to trying to being alpha. A little tibbie spaniel alpha over a shiba, hahahaha…. Mom's trying; she withholds treats and toys and says the word "No" over and over. Trust me, I have been tuning that ridiculous word out for years myself.

Well, I'll leave you with a few photos of your royal highness, his sidekick and the humans below and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! Things can only go uphill from here and we are wishing good fortune to all our friends in Michigan as well as those that have left or live elsewhere!

Much Love, Mom, Dad & us canines…..

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