Thursday, December 25, 2008

And a Happy New Year too!!!

What a day! Not only had Mom been home all week but at first I was skeptical.... More people had come to visit me as well. And they came bearing rawhides, bacon strips and big hunks of meat. Much festivities ensued while the food laid on the counters, in the ovens and in warming drawers for hours. I kept guard over the kitchen and its goodies. See me to the right?

Would I get to share in this feast the humans were partaking in??? Why were they so preoccupied with tearing boxes open for things to wear? That was not my problem as long as I had my exquisite fur on my back. Nor did I need mugs to drink out of nor utensils to ration food to my ever waiting mouth. No towels for me, the shake dry method works every time. Would you like to see what I stared at? It was honeybaked, spiral cut and pre-cooked. It had been ready for days and calling my name over and over. What were they waiting for? Do you blame me at all?

First we had to go for a long walk to start the day. Then mom and her brother had to go visit my 98 year old great grandma to give her socks! Socks I tell you... But she was very happy for the get-together and had no idea I was being a gentledog at home, not jumping on the counter, yodeling or otherwise obnoxious. Then once they got back, they gave each other silly boxes next to this tree that was decorated to honor some baby I never met born thousands of years ago. Not only was the ham on this counter, but there was 2 kinds of potatoes, green beans and apple salad. I had to also listen to Grandpa give Dad an article about Slentrol for dogs who need to lose weight. I was pretty sure they were referring to my little brother. He can't keep up with me on walks, not me, nope. They did give me and Max our gifts of treats to eat. But you sure know I was ready for the Big Kahuna of meals....

Once the gifts were opened, they proceeded to drink an egg drink with nutmeg. Were they out of their minds??? It had been about 4 or 5 hours by that point. I sitting in a puddle of drool being the most patient of saints. Years from now, dogs will refer to me as o holy one, Scout. Finally everyone sat down to a meal and then do you know what happened to me??? Dad put me in the hallway and shut the door. Why? I sat there and pondered and waited to see if the door would open on its own. Pushed it a few times. Finally, I wailed out and the door opened enough that I could run through and hide under the table. Max was napping at their feet, the idiot. Finally they dished some food into our bowls once they were done. And this is how bushed I looked after all that wait and the eternal reward? I hope it was a good day for all of you dogs and your parents too! Happy 2009!!!

From yours truly, Scout

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