Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Holiday Gift for shiba lovers!!

Hi everyone!

Seasons' Greeting! Are you being sure to stock up on lots of rawhide, snausage stuffers, begging strips, canned dog food and yummy people food for your special companion??? I sure hope so cuz otherwise i'll come and howl at your door. I can run fast and far enough to find my shiba buddies' homes. Remember Kaos? She's now living at the Jersey Seashore and is a very, very happy spoiled doggy :>

Her mom made these and you absolutely must buy one of the these or I'll do my patented shiba scream right into your ear:
The link to do so is here:


Anonymous said...

hey we're in michigan too!
where do you guys live?
we are in ann arbor!

Scout & Max said...

Farmington Hills, I've seen your posts on LJ!!