Friday, February 18, 2005

Run for the border

February 18th 2005 9:10 am

This morning Momster told me she got an email that I am a punk pet on another website. They found out what I did to the glove somewhere else too and apparently i am gaining some fame over it (?) Gee whiz, she sure has a big mouth! Mooommmmmm......

Too bad I did such a lousy job as a dog when we went to Taco Bell the other day. The man came on the little box next to the truck and he said "Welcome to Taco Bell, Run for the Border" and I did just what he told me to. Flew right out the window from the passenger seat across mom, whoosh!!!

Almost made my getaway but she grabbed my leash and i was hanging out that drivers window, choking. Man, he kept asking me what specials would I like while I was barking to him that I need more time to be successful at executing the order. Mom's pulling me up and I'm pushing away on that door with my claws. Everybody's honking away how proud they were of me. Couldn't let anyone down!

Finally I get down on the ground and shake off the sweat. Gotta decide what a dog's gotta do next. Uh oh.... here she come.... Shoot, mom's fast. She grabbed me and we are in an all out battle on the ground. I howled like the Taco Bell dog to see if anyone of my fans who honked would come and get me away from my Mad Mom. My Escape wasn't working and the Man wasn't talking anymore out of the box. Too late, Momster picked me up and threw me in the truck and locked the doors. Darn it.... she got that look in her eyes and she's spitting fire. Gotta go into Charm 'Em Up mode - lick, lick and lick Mommy with my tongue. No Crate, noooooooo. I love youuuuuu Mommy!!!

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